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Create Project & Add Your Files
Add all your content files (Docx) are uploaded into the Book created.
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Customise They Way It Looks
Mention the book size, book templates and other necessary formats from the list to proceed.
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Download and Send For Publishing
During customisation select the formats you would like to download and Enjoy. We support EPUB, MOBI, Print PDF, Online PDF.

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We have 44* unique actions and features, all of which you need to create a stunning book .

Widow and Orphan control Page Level
Single Column
Left vs Right Running head
Language specific hyphenation
Base Align
Update TOC page numbers only
Extract and Quotes
Single page images
Simple Tables
Widow control - Paragraph Level
List / Enumeratins
Special Characters w.r.t. font
Tables multipage long
Single page fancy box
Simple Inline and Display Equations
Double Column
Continue / Continued configurations
Section wise Running head
Margin elements without Y axis
Generate TOC
Poetry Alignment
Complex Display Equations
Tables with Unit align
Table Width w.r.t. Column
Grid Align
Footnotes conditional columns
Column + fancy box
Margin Element with Y axis
Inline equations leading control
Double page fancy box
Right to Left Paragraph
Multiple page images
Tables with multiple unit align
List numbers align w.r.t page
Footnotes run-on
Double Column +
Double + page fancy box
Break width Equations
And many more coming your way soon...
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The Redshift publishing platform draws from technology solutions developed across the Newgen Group for the creation, management, formatting, and distribution of content for publishing, manufacturing, financial services, government, and aerospace & defense organizations. Redshift is built on a proven technology base that can adapt to different workflows, support multichannel publishing, and get content to market quicker.


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